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Deep Cleansing Facial 

A multi- purpose facial. Its objective is to exfoliate and extract all of the skins impurities. This will leave your skin with a radiant, healthy glow.

1 Hour


Anti-Acne Pore Facial

Calms and regulates oil secretion of the skin.

1 Hour


Glycolic Acid Facial

Stimulates the skins natural renewal process by eliminating dead and dehydrated skin cells.

1 1/2 Hour


Glycolic Acid W/O Facial

1/2 Hour


Back Facial

A deep cleansing experience that leaves your skin glowing and invigorated.

Teen Facial

Combination of exfoliation and extraction to balance out developing skin.

Age Defining Facial

Micro Dermabrasion

A technique that dramatically reduces sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles and small acne scars. Enhances the production of collagen and elastin while encouraging new healthy cell growth resulting in healthier looking skin.

1/2 Hour


45 Min


1 Hour


1 Hour


Add On Treatments To Any Facial:

Peptide mask

Breathes life into dull, lifeless skin


Rose Collagen Mask

Helps to stimulate anti-aging properties, plumps up wrinkles and intensifies akin hydration.


Golden Collagen Mask

Hydrates and protects the skin


Customizing Ampoules

Breathes life into dull, lifeless skin


Lash Lifting

1/2 Hour $125

The latest trend in the lash industry. Makes natural lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions. Lashes stay lifted for 4-8 weeks



Also known as eyebrow embroidery is a form of semi permanent makeup. The pigment is deposited into the epidermis. Lasting up to 18 months after which the pigment​ fades leaving the skin.

Ear Piercing

Including Earrings $30


Makeup Session $65

We have a full service beauty consultant available by appointment specializing in creating a look that is just right for you. Classic and timeless... Sleek and modern or natural and romantic. Whatever you desire

Makeup Lession

One Hour $75

Learn essential tips and tricks on how to apply your own make-up like a pro!

Sunless Tanning

Air Brushing Tanning

1 Session $50

Half Body $35

Face Spray $25

A safe sunless alternative for

a sun-kissed look and

healthy glow.

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